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About Us

 Why Contract Construction?

Our performance powers our success. We take pride in our strong team approach and it overflows into the strength of our work. With open communication, quality service and support, responsiveness, and the ability to add value by providing significant cost savings, we find ways to repeatedly deliver on our promise of excellence.

Our Company

Contract Construction, Inc. is a privately held corporation and a distinguished leader in the construction industry within South Carolina, boasting an impressive legacy of over 39 years of experience throughout the state and beyond. Our firm has consistently demonstrated innovation, producing a myriad of solutions across diverse scales and sectors. Our portfolio spans projects for K-12, higher education, athletic, recreational, government and municipal, religious, multi-unit residential, performing arts, correctional, and commercial facilities.

In our extensive history, we have successfully undertaken various project types, including new construction, renovations, expansions, historic renovations, and adaptive reuse projects for both private and public facilities across the state. The breadth of our portfolio reflects our commitment to delivering quality and purpose-driven buildings that are not only cost-effective and low-maintenance but are also designed with future generations in mind.

What sets us apart is the special relationships we have cultivated with numerous clients across South Carolina. These partnerships have afforded us the unique opportunity to create buildings that stand as testaments to quality construction, functionality, and a forward-thinking approach. We take pride in our foundation of teamwork, communication, and responsiveness, coupled with the skills necessary to consistently exceed the expectations of project owners, architects, and all other stakeholders involved. At Contract Construction, we don’t just build structures; we build legacies that endure and inspire.

Firm History

John Farley, CEO and co-founder, laid the foundation for Contract Construction in 1984, pioneering a commitment to excellence in construction. Starting with negotiated residential and light commercial projects, the company quickly established financial stability, net worth, and bonding capacity. The mid to late 1980s marked the expansion into bidding on public projects, showcasing Contract Construction’s versatility.

In 1994, recognizing the importance of focused project management, the company shifted its strategy towards fewer but larger projects. This decision aimed at enhancing project continuity and management efficiency within the company’s personnel. The pivotal year of 1998 saw the arrival of Greg Hughes as President, bringing with him a wealth of experience that significantly elevated the company’s capabilities in bidding, procurement, and project management for endeavors exceeding 20 million dollars.

As the company’s reputation flourished, Contract Construction’s horizons broadened, embracing opportunities for negotiated work such as Construction Management At-Risk, Design-Build, and Integrated Project Delivery. This diversification did not dilute the company’s commitment to success in the hard-bid market. Year after year, Contract Construction has demonstrated its prowess in South Carolina, emerging as a trusted partner for some of the South’s most remarkable projects, both large and small. The company’s trajectory reflects not just its growth but a steadfast dedication to delivering quality construction solutions and earning the trust of clients across the region.

Our Leadership

JOHN FARLEY  |  Founder & CEO

GREG HUGHES  |  President

KYLE FARLEY  |  Vice President