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 Delivery Services

Contract Construction offers a comprehensive range of experience in a variety of delivery methods. Our highly collaborative approach provides flexibility, efficiency, and consistency for your project at every phase of construction. With every project, regardless of the delivery method, our goal is to exceed client expectations without sacrificing quality, value, or time.



When a client chooses Contract Construction as their Construction Management At-Risk (CMAR) firm, they can trust they will have the final say after all parties provide input into the decision-making process. The CMAR project delivery method entails a commitment by Contract Construction to deliver the project within a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP). As a CMAR firm, we act as the owner’s representative throughout the entirety of the project and beyond. While the team relies heavily on the expertise of each member, Contract Construction acts with the owner’s best interest in mind and advocates as that at all times. We have developed a sound and efficient business administration program along with experienced leadership that ensures the team approach is started in the earliest phases of the project to the end where all savings go back to the owner. As a result of the State of South Carolina recently navigating toward CMAR procurement, we have immersed ourselves in this delivery method for the past 8+ years. Currently our firm has successfully completed over 70 CMAR projects across South Carolina.


   A higher level of cost control from the start. 

   The Construction Manager is an Owner advocate and has their best interest in mind at all times.

   Constructability and value to the Owner are afforded by the Value Engineering expertise brought to the process by the Construction Manager.

   Since the Construction Manager is at risk and gives the GMP, they do not necessarily have to select the low bid if it is not in the best interest of the project. 

   Selection of subcontractors and suppliers based on qualifications and best value to the project.

   The Construction Manager’s main purpose is to manage the construction process, not to just build a building.


At Contract Construction, we have a developed a sound, all-inclusive program that provides both the design and construction services in one single contract. Through our team approach, we put the owner, architect, engineers, and contractors together early on in the project in order to fulfill the design-build services for the owner. Design-Build is an alternative to the traditional Design-Bid-Build delivery method under which the design and construction services are split into separate units, separate contracts, and separate work. Simultaneous development of the project’s design and budget is one of the primary goals of the DB delivery method. A successful DB process results in a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) and design that maximizes the Owner’s programmatic goals for the budget available. Through our years of experience, Contract Construction has learned that a primary component to a successful DB process is effective communication. You will find that frequent communication and open collaboration are key themes in our approach to DB delivery, and all of our projects in general.


   Owner can save time and money with team working together.

   Single point of accountability for design and construction.

   Can be cost efficient since contractor and designer are working together.

   Change orders come from owner changes.

   Constant collaboration and transparency with the project team.


Contract Construction has a long and successful track record with the Design-Bid-Build (DBB) delivery method. DBB project delivery is the most common and traditional delivery method, and encompasses a three-phased linear approach: design, bid/award, and construction. Under DBB project delivery, the owner has separate agreements with the architect and contractor. Once the designer completes the design documents, the owner solicits pricing from contractors to perform the documented scope of work. Designers and contractors are not contractually obligated to one another, but they still must work together with the owner for the project to be successful. Contract Construction ensures a level of transparency between ourselves and the owner so that everyone has a better understanding of any issues before they develop into larger problems.


   Low upfront pricing and provides the owner with the most control.

   Clear scope of work.

   Easily understood linear process.

   Traditional and commonly used – many owners are more comfortable with this method.

   Simple contractual relationships.


Contract Construction has executed many successful projects under the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) system. Under the IPD approach, all project parties, from the design team to the contractor, share the same level of risk, reward, and responsibility. This team-based system collaboratively employs the talents and insights of all participants to optimize project results. We consider teamwork to be the foundation of our success, and it also happens to be the hallmark of the IPD system. We approach every project we undertake with a spirit of collaboration, thus allowing us to perform very successfully within an IPD environment.


   Decisions are made as a team, resulting in shared goals.

   Increases efficiency and eliminates waste.

   Better communication and collaboration.

   Responsibility shared between teams.

   Sharing ideas and risks enhance cost savings and improve delivery.