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Safety First

Contract Construction is committed to providing a safe
working environment for everyone on our job site team. We have a well-established
Safety Program in place to ensure the safety of everyone from our employees and clients to the general public. Our outstanding safety performance record is the result of dedication from the top leadership in our firm to all personnel on our team. We make every effort to strive to ensure all safety measures are in place during all phases of our projects through this safety program. The Safety Program that Contract Construction has developed is one that enlists personal responsibility from our employees and subcontractors to reach our goals.

Our goals are:

Zero injuries

Elimination of unsafe conditions and behaviors

Ensure safety is our company trademark

To achieve these goals our employees are provided with the most up-to-date training and equipment available. The main objective of our training program is to have employees that can speak about safety the same way they speak about quality and production.

Our program includes the following tools:

Compliance with all federal and state regulations.

Benchmark safety inspections provided to owners and subs that show all safe and unsafe observations through Safety Net web based software.

Ongoing training based on bench mark information obtained during inspections.

Subcontractor training responses to hazards found during inspections.

Required immediate response to hazards found during inspections.

Promotion of Safety Awareness thru employee and subcontractor competitions.

“No where have I seen a more professional, more informed and well executed safety program than the one Contract Construction has instituted. Noneof the big companies that I have observed have better reporting, training, or enforcement than you have put together.”
Ralph Beatty, Southern Management Group

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