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Safety First

 Committed to safety

At Contract Construction, safety is at the heart of everything we do. First and foremost, we are committed to providing a safe environment for everyone on and around our job sites. We have a well-established Safety Program based on personal responsibility and accountability, ensuring the safety of our employees, clients, trade partners, and the community. Our outstanding safety performance record is a testament to the dedication from our leadership and personnel to promote Safety First, above all.

Our top safety goals are:


safe conditions & behaviors

a culture of safety

Our Safety Program includes the following protocols:

Compliance with all federal and state regulations.

We strive to include OSHA at every opportunity possible in our jobsite reviews.

Ongoing training based on benchmark information obtained during inspections.

We provide a project-specific safety orientation for all workers entering our sites, outlining the logistics and employee expectations.

Required immediate response to hazards found during inspections.

Subcontractor training responses to hazards found during inspections.

We enforce a fall protection safety program that complies with rules, regulations and industry standards addressing fall protection.

Will Owens - Main Headshot
“Here at Contract Construction, Safety really is the first thing that we consider when planning a project. Our workers are our family, so for us, team safety is a family business.”


“Nowhere have I seen a more professional, more informed and well executed safety program than the one Contract Construction has instituted. None of the big companies that I have observed have better reporting, training, or enforcement than you have put together.”

– Ralph Beatty, Southern Management Group