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 Delivering Quality

Since 1984, we have dedicated ourselves to delivering high-quality structures that exceed client requirements and expectations. From inception, to long after completion, the concept of quality will remain a constant throughout the lifecycle of your project. We also have the unparalleled expertise of our dedicated in-house quality control director, ensuring our customers the highest level of compliance with industry quality standards.


Quality is an integral part of our process at Contract Construction. We’ve developed a reputable Quality Management Program that ensures compliance with all contractual specifications, mandatory regulations, and quality standards at every phase of your project. Through our many years of experience, we’ve found that implementing a solid quality management plan provides a host of benefits for both contractor and client.  A few of the advantages are:

   Provides high-quality results.

   Eliminates defects and rework (Built Right, the First Time).

   Reduces accidents and improves safety.

   Projects completed on time and within budget.

   Construction that meets standards set by the client and regulatory agencies.

   Ensures the facility fulfills its intended purpose.

   Promotes a collaborative environment.

   Extends the lifecycle of structures and reduces unexpected maintenance.

   Better documentation clarifies expectations and minimizes surprises.

Our three-phase quality control process:

Our quality control process was adapted from the three-phase method of contractor-managed quality control developed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Our quality control plans include a set of guidelines that can be tailored to suit each client’s project-specific needs.


   Schedule preparatory phase meetings with all parties.

   Review specifications, work plans, and other contract documents.

   Submittal and shop drawing approval.

   Verify Preliminary work is complete.

  Discuss construction methods, workmanship, cleanliness.

   Identify potential problems for each area of work.

   Review safety plan and appropriate activity hazard analysis.

   Confirm permit and other regulatory requirements are met.


   Establish quality of workmanship required.

  Check for compliance with specifications, work plans, and other contract documents.

   Develop and maintain pre-functional checklist.

   Resolve conflicts.

   Confirm approved testing companies have scheduled and performed their tasks.

   Verify that construction activities are in compliance with the Safety Plan.

   Contract Construction’s QC Director prepares the production phase checklist and includes them in the quality control reports.


   Maintain the quality of workmanship required.

   Verify the work is in compliance with specifications, work plans, and other contract documents.

   Verify that testing is being performed.

   Identify problems and verify that rework items are being corrected.

   Perform safety inspections.

   Contract Construction’s QC Director prepares the follow-up phase work checklist and includes them in the quality control reports.

“At Contract Construction we take quality seriously.  Rest of quote to go here…….”